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  1. What I find very confusing is that, despite the fact that the FRFR mode uses the high frequency driver, it sounds dark, muffled and lifeless compared to LF Raw or LF Flat, neither of which uses the HF driver. I can certainly dial in a nice tone using LF Raw or LF Flat, but the problem I see is that I'm hearing something nice on stage, and presumably I'm sending something dull and lifeless to FOH (as the PC+ is just passing through the input from the modeler). What setting is a good approximate of a full-range PA speaker? FRFR? And if so, why does it sound so dark?
  2. That seems perfect. Thank you!
  3. So that works...but there's a very noticeable volume increase in the middle of the range when both A and B sides are being mixed together. Any idea how to counteract that?
  4. Hey all, I was watching a few videos on the Gigrig Wetter Box yesterday and wondered if it was possible to set up a similar setup in the Helix. It's easy to create a split paths with a dry tone and a wet tone, and set a static mix for those in the mixer block when they come back together...but what I want to do is to use the expression pedal to set that mix. So when the pedal is all the way back the tone is 100% dry, and when it's all the way forward it's 100% wet. I'm sure the answer is quite obvious, but I haven't found it in my searches (here or the web in general). Can anyone offer any advice on how to make that work? The mixer block just gives me gain levels for A and B, but not a mix between A and B. When I tried doing it with the gain levels everything was mixed but quiet and anemic in the middle of the pedal position, but correct (either full wet or full dry) on either end. Thanks!
  5. Quick question for the electrical engineers among us: I've got my guitar rig at home hooked up to a power strip that is plugged into a switched wall outlet. This works pretty well because it lets me turn all of my pedals on and off with a single switch. Will I damage the Helix if I turn it on and off this way, instead of using the switch on the back? Thanks! -Jon
  6. That's it exactly. I (perhaps foolishly!) figured that if it worked as an audio interface, it might work as a midi interface as well.
  7. Is it possible to use the midi in/thru on the Helix to feed midi notes to a soft synth on my computer via a usb connection? I got it all hooked up to the midi send on my keyboard and my DAW was only recognizing one note/chord every 5-6 seconds. It would ignore all other input in the interim. If anyone has a walkthrough on how to set this up I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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