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  1. Quick question for the electrical engineers among us: I've got my guitar rig at home hooked up to a power strip that is plugged into a switched wall outlet. This works pretty well because it lets me turn all of my pedals on and off with a single switch. Will I damage the Helix if I turn it on and off this way, instead of using the switch on the back? Thanks! -Jon
  2. jonperry4

    Midi in behaving strangely

    That's it exactly. I (perhaps foolishly!) figured that if it worked as an audio interface, it might work as a midi interface as well.
  3. jonperry4

    Midi in behaving strangely

    Is it possible to use the midi in/thru on the Helix to feed midi notes to a soft synth on my computer via a usb connection? I got it all hooked up to the midi send on my keyboard and my DAW was only recognizing one note/chord every 5-6 seconds. It would ignore all other input in the interim. If anyone has a walkthrough on how to set this up I'd appreciate it. Thanks!