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  1. I tried different USB chords and still nothing, but then I decided to uninstall the drivers and reinstall, for the third time, because I had read that the USB must not be connected while doing this. It then wanted to restart the computer, which it did before, but this time it took a lot more time to come back up. Still nothing. Said Drivers not installed. Went to System Preferences and looked at the "Allow apps downloaded from" section. In the past THIS never mentioned line6, but this time it said the drivers were blocked, so I hit "Allow," and plugged in the USB and went to the MIDI/Audio Utility, and the POD showed up! Went to Monkey, "Drivers installed!" Updated Flash with no issues! Started Edit, and it came right up and connected to the POD!! I also managed to hook up the POD as an audio interface and can now record in GarageBand! HOWEVER! I discovered another glitch while trying to create a preset. I added a few pedals, and reverb etc., and then added a second amp. All was well, until I tried rtf scroll left to edit the pedals. I made a static sound, froze, and then began starting and restarting the POD! Had to unplug and restart. Haven't solved THAT problem yet!
  2. I'm having the same problem. I
  3. The POD never shows in my Finder sidebar, but when I start Monkey it does see the device. But when I try to do a USB Firmware update it says cannot establish a connection to the POD HD500X. If I unplug the USB then Monkey says no device found and when I plug it in again, it finds it. But I get the same error trying to do the firmware update!! What is going on!!?? I also updated the drivers (USB not connected) and it did a restart, but never asked to plug in the USB. See the drivers folder, but in Monkey it still says not installed.
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