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  1. Kilrahi, that setup worked perfectly - I also split the path for time based effects and added a high/low EQ post reverb. The only friction is that you can't set the "Global Output" to the appropriate Send/Return so the output on every preset needs to be changed. not a huge deal, but thanks again for your help!
  2. Newbie questions on this amazing piece of gear I've had for almost a week. Running Helix through my "Cab" and bypassing cab's preamp I have a Hughes and Kettner 2x12 Switchblade combo that I'd like to use for jamming/practicing, but want to use Helix preamp/amp modeling for tone coloration. Need help on proper setup to bypass Hughes and Kettner preamp, as well as any info on proper block or setting configuration within Helix interface. For Recording: Can I use Helix as the audio "Input" and my UA Apollo Twin as the "output" for monitoring connected via Yamaha HS8's? Would prefer to use the Apollo Twin as primary soundcard but running into gain staging/weak input-output volume issues with this setup. Not sure if it's best to connect the Yamaha's to the Helix XLR outputs to use Helix as the soundcard? Does anyone use Helix with their existing audio interface and/or is this just pointless? Thank you!
  3. Have had this amazing piece of gear for about a week and was hoping to get some feedback on a few newbie questions... How to Know I'm only using the "cab" when running helix through my Hughes & Kettner 2x12 Switchblade and not getting coloration from the preamp? I'd like to practice/jam running various helix preamp/amp models through the Hughes & Kettner cabinet. I'm confused as to whether this entails using the 4-Cable Method or running direct into amp input (Guitar > Helix > 1/4" mono out - amp input)? Can someone clarify the proper "chain" and how that would look within the Helix's interface (correct block signal chain)? For controlling gain staging/input level when Recording, can I have the Helix as the Audio Interface "In" and my UA Apollo Twin set to the "out" for the studio monitors? Or do I need to have the helix setup for both In/Out for monitoring? I'm running into gain staging/input level issues with this current setup. I can't seem to make the Helix signal "louder" - Yes, I've tried the Helix volume, but is there an "output" volume that may need adjusting? Or are there signal issues with this current setup? I know I could simply go XLR out from Helix into my studio monitors (Yamaha HS8's), but would prefer to have my Apollo Twin as my recording interface. This is an awesome community - thank you in advance for the help
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