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  1. Start by pressing the buttons A and B or B and C and it will enter test mode, my presented audio error ...
  2. I am having the same boot problem, in any version the lights on the buttons A to D flash, and the screen displays the message: load error -42, I opened the support ticket, and they only ask me to send it to the reseller authorized. I live in Brazil and around here is practically impossible. I regret the purchase, the product is little more than 1 year, and I did not use it before, it was stuck in the luggage all the time when it came into the customs of my country ... I am very disappointed with the line6, I see that I will stay with my ZOOM G5.
  3. Good morning everyone, I bought a line6 firehawk fx on ebay on 1/12/2017, I'm from Brazil, and I only received on 12/23/2018, and the warranty is over. When connecting it was already in version 1.30 and the error: load error = -42. I have done all the procedures via USB to reinstall other versions from 1.01 to 1.20 and have the same error, A B C D flash. Can someone help me?
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