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  1. This is happening to my Spider valve mk2 and it is currently getting the part replaced. How I found out was I called full compass and they put me on hold and talked to line 6 and came to the conclusion Its the amp selection knob on mine. The part was cheap like $10 bucks with shipping included but you have to be skilled to fix it! My amp guy has a 2-3 weeks wait time so as soon as it is fixed Ill let you know! The problem with my amp guy is he goes through the whole amp looking for additional stuff that is not to spec (I hate being up-sold!).
  2. Fattbastard

    Mac/Windows Application for Control

    I think they are going away from you being able to own your tone and making it a more closed system like Apple...
  3. Fattbastard

    Problem updating software POD HD500

    Check you security settings determine if that is whats holding it up! I am on a Mac and the Mojave update snags line 6 drivers!