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  1. MonsieurOunet

    Lagging when changing presets

    Thanks for you answer. I've tried but actually the preset doesn't change when the footswitch is released. It switches when pressed, but only after a 1/2 second. I've tried holding the switch down (not too long), but the preset changes anyway. I've also tried to quickly tap the switch : same issue. So, no changes...:-(. Thanks again for trying to help me.
  2. MonsieurOunet

    Lagging when changing presets

    Hello, Are there some news about this topic ? Any answer from Line 6 ? I've just bought an AMPLIFI FX 100, and the lag when changing presets on footswitches (even with bluetooth off) makes it impossible to switch while playing a song, unless you plan switching 1/2 second before you actually need.... It's a nightmare. Of course, firmware is up to date... @Line6, any update ?