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  1. leeonbass

    Helix lt

    OK next question.. I appear to have over-written the 'Busy One Jump' setting, how/where do I get this back? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lee
  2. leeonbass

    Helix lt

    Well, it worked!
  3. leeonbass

    Helix lt

    Absolute legend. I’m at work right now, I’ll get straight on this soon as I walk in. Thank you for the help!
  4. leeonbass

    Helix lt

    Absolutely tremendous - thank you for the help!
  5. leeonbass

    Helix lt

    Thank you for that. I asked about the registration as a product - mine isn’t brand new so didn’t come with any information, and I’m starting from scratch. Cheers!
  6. leeonbass

    Helix lt

    Good morning everyone, My name is Lee, and I’m a bass player. I’ve just dragged myself into the 21st century! Just received a 3 month old Helix lt, and I’ve no real clue as to the need to register this unit in order to create a few patches I want. I’m a Pearce BC-1 user so that’s a setting I’d need for a start, I’m in a t at all couple of bands and cover the organ solo in Highway Star and Burn, the closest pedal was the EHX Cathedral so any help there would be brilliant. Cheers, Lee.
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