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  1. I have the same problem. I'd be interested to see what Line6 has to say about it. It seems like a simple contrast adjustment. The unit may need to be opened up, and a trim pot adjustment is all that is needed. However, I wouldn't do that without Line6's opinion first.
  2. It would be great to have an EQ on the guitar's final output, saved with the model, using Variax Workbench. I use the Variax (along with the Helix) and also other analog guitars, and it seems that the Variax has a distinct shrill high peak, somewhere around 3-6k. With a master EQ, I could match each of the Variax models I use with my other analog guitars, and they would be useable. At this point, the shrill high end has forced me to use options other than the Variax. However I really like the immediate control the guitar has. I want to use this guitar!! I know I could use use an EQ block in Helix, but I'd rather not do that. Please either do this, or find a way to tame the piezo shrillness. (That is all I can come up with as a description.) Either way would help.
  3. Variax Volume is sent from Helix on Channel 16. Set any other midi device to a different channel, or turn Omni off.
  4. Since updating to 2.8, which is awesome, I have one problem. When I connect my iPad via usb and the camera connection kit, the Helix becomes the keyboard for the iPad. I use the iPad to run BandHelper for set lists, and I also use the Helix to fire off samples from the iPad. The Helix becomes the audio device for the iPad, and all of my samples come out of the Helix, which is what I want. However, whenever I need to do anything on the iPad that requires a keyboard, I have to disconnect it from the Helix so the iPad keyboard comes back. Is there a way to disable the Helix from emulating a QWERTY keyboard? It would sure help.
  5. Why do you need to change the preset with your DAW? Just send the CC69 command without the PC command. If you use the same preset for the whole song, then you only have to send the PC message at the top of the song, without the snapshot CC (69). If you want the preset to come up on snapshot 3, just recall Snapshot 3 on the Helix, and save the preset that way. It will now be recalled by only the PC command on snapshot 3. Any other changes in the song should come from the CC69 messages only. I find that PC messages are only useful to me at the top of the tune, for initialization. I do all my other changes in a tune with CC messages.
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