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  1. I have an idea called the HX Block. what it is similar to an HX Stomp with 3 foot switches but it it only has 3 blocks. 10-20 fx bank; but with the ability to preview and buy fx in an online store. Only FX, no amps or cabs as most people will use it with an amp or interface onto an amp sim. In the store you hit a button to preview and play it then the option to buy it for say 5-10-15$ depending on the complexity of the FX. You can switch out fx in the editor the idea is to scale back the HX stomp only for the FX and create an online store to expand its potential, giving the user a sense of true customization. what I want is more fuzz options like a Swollen Pickle, Perseus and Conquistador fuzz along. I’m willing to pay for a very accurate emulation of them to be able to use a small few on a pedal.
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