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  1. I too am interested...if someone is interested in selling their license. Please send me a PM. Thanks
  2. Thanks Kilrahi for your response. Yes, I did buy the Helix Floor and Rack on Ebay. I am not the original owner. As far as you know does that mean I would not be able to purchase Helix Native? I have been in touch with support, but we are now into the weekend, so I will have to follow up with them on Monday. Thanks again, Kilrahi.
  3. I own the floor controller and the rack and I wish to purchase the Native VST and when I click on the X With Registered Helix Floor or Rack I get the message: Your account does not have an active Helix Floor or Rack registered right now. Please click the register button below to register your product. If you are interested in purchasing a Helix Floor or Rack, please click Here. (and nothing is added to the cart) when I go to my account I see both products as registered in my account. Anybody have any ideas as to how I can purchase the Native software with the Save30 discount coupon
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