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  1. Hello, I have been researching this ad nauseam. At this point it just feels like there is just too much information to come to a conclusion, so I am just gonna ask for some advice. I’m playing a helix HX stomp and my guitar patches use 12 inch speakers with 2x12 IR’s mostly, and a supro 1x15 IR for guitar. I also play bass and I play a 1x15 IR, but guitar is more important than bass for me right now. So I don’t play any amp cabs with 10’s but my understanding is the woofer in a 2 way powered cab is different than the drivers in a guitar amp. So will a 12” PA speaker be any better at reproducing / representing the 12” and 15” guitar speakers in the IR’s I’m using or is the woofer size nearly irrelevant. I like to use different IR’s with different speakers, I’m just looking for something to reproduce the IR’s, I know it won’t be amp in the room and that is fine. So I just need a full range flat uncolored speaker right? I play clean and with low gain but I do some thump for chet atkins merle travis picking. I like the weight of a 10” PA speaker but if a 12” would be better then the extra 10 pounds or so isn’t a big deal. For bass I am considering getting a sub to go with the PA speaker if the PA speaker doesn’t go low enough for bass, but for now I’ll just get the FRFR PA speaker. So do you have any recommendations? The ones I am considering are QSC K10.2 K12.2, they seemed the best with the extra options for bass settings. Also considering the Yamaha DXR10 DXR12 or EV ZLX12P. These are the ones I think will fit my needs. This price range is what I’m looking at and open to other suggestions. Thanks
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