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  1. I was going to buy the mission TT2 to add 2 footswitches to the HX Stomp. But then I thought I have the GFI Specular Tempus so maybe I can get the triple switch aux controller for that and can use it for the stomp too and save some money :) Anyone tried hooking these two up... ? GFI Triple Switch: https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/guitar-pedals/footswitches/gfi-system-triple-switch-universal-aux-switch#tab4
  2. anthdidj

    rate my tones

    Thanks man! Yeah I purposefully did that because it's not a backing track. I played over his guitar haha.
  3. anthdidj

    rate my tones

    Let me know what you think of the following video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCLSpm7HqLL/ Happy to share my settings if you want. It's basically a plexi amp+cab and a zvex fuzz (for the verse parts).
  4. awesome thank you for that
  5. For some reason when I put a fuzz block in the signal chain and turn it off, it sounds like a blanket is thrown over the amp. I have to reset the patch to get the sound of the amp to be normal again. If I save the amp with a fuzz in the signal path in bypass the patch is ruined i.e. it permanently sounds like the blanket is on and I have to rebuild the patch. Any ideas?
  6. haha i know right. thanks for the advice matey!
  7. I have the Helix Stomp and a Marshall SV112 cab (16 ohm). Right now I am using the Orange Terror Stamp as a power amp (using the fx return) to use the helix with my cab. It sounds great to me but I wonder if I am missing anything by not going for something more serious/dedicated like a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170. I don't play loud at home and the cab has always been miced at gigs so if it is just for the sake of more volume, I don't see the point in spending more money. The orange also doubles as a backup amp which is handy. Any suggestions on going with the line 6 powercab instead as I don't plan on getting a head for the Marshall cab in the for-seeable future (unless a quieter lunchbox tube amp head gets released). Also, is there anyway to have an idea of how loud to aim for when creating a patch with metering etc?
  8. Is there a way use the looper but the looped signal only comes out of L or R output. I want to record in Pro Tools with one track being the loop and one track being the overdub (guitar solo in this case)... doing an instagram solo video and I'd rather be able to pan, adjust volume, effects etc in my DAW so the overall track doesn't get messy. Happy to use the USB function or my 2 input interface to get the job done.
  9. Awesome that fixed the problem thank you. One more question... I only want to record in mono so do I set the output of the DI to out5 and reamp track to in1 or do I have to keep the output of the DI to out 5/6 (stereo) and just change the reamp track to in 1 (stereo out to mono in record?). Doesn't seem to change the sound of the re-amped track either way.
  10. I am running Pro Tools 12 and have set the playback engine to 'HX Stomp'. Following the manual for reamping a DI track... I set the input on the helix to usb 1/2 and then I go to set up the output of the DI track to USB 5/6 however I do not see this as an option. I assume my I/O is not setup correctly? The in's work fine and I have recorded with the Helix into Pro tools which it automatically setup for me but doesn't seem to have assigned the outputs. How do I go about doing this?
  11. I am getting this when I had the headphones straight into the actual unit though?
  12. getting better results with using hi cut on impulse response or backing off the mic abit on the factory cab. I can't find the input pad on the global settings though... it has input level and you can set to inst or line (I am on the stomp hx) but no pad?
  13. how do I turn it off aswell? I am in the footswitches menu of global settings and the options are stomp select, fs3 function, fs4 function and fs5 function. Stomp select I can only choose between touch, press and both. If I select press the issue still happens.
  14. I can't find it anywhere in that menu. The first option is for Input Level and you can only choose between line and Inst? Is it available on the stomp hx?
  15. I am getting a weird grainy high end distortion on some of the brighter amp models like Vox and Matchless. I have attached a sample for reference. I am using a strat. Also, there is a weird hum after chord rings out. Any ideas? distortion clip
  16. how do I access the input pad? I can't find it in the helix or the manual?
  17. thank you for the responses. I will contact line 6 and see what they say.
  18. I bought a line 6 helix stomp hx about 2 months ago and have been encountering some issues with the capacitive touch functionality. The touch seems to be activated sometimes randomly (maybe once or twice during a 30 minute session with the unit). It comes up with the assign footswitch message without me touching the unit. Anyone else had/have this problem? It's not the end of the world as I can just disable this function but still abit annoying.
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