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  1. You know, I sort of hoped you wasn’t guna confirm that lol thanks tho, just need find a USB interface now without paying a 100$ premium Anyone got one they would ship to Canadia land ?
  2. I have an X3 live that I have used without issue to change settings on my Variax 700 via Workbench Great guitar the 700, so I picked up a Variax Standard hoping for the same build quality The 700 is better IMO, but the Standard could do with a tweek. However, when I try I get all the way to save and it won’t save ? I am Using Workbench HD Anyone else use a Pod X3 live to setup a Standard. i didn’t get a USB interface with my Standard BTW
  3. I have a POD X3 Live and want to get to an amp only setting, no effects. I would like to add effects after but for now I want to set the POD to amp only i am running a 4 chord system via a valve amp. i have looked online and tried to delete loop or turn off effects one by one, no no avail. Would be great if I can get back to a basic amp setting. Maybe I am missing something that is in plain view ? thanks all Update: i reset back to factory and it’s great now
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