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  1. Yeah, it really limits the usefulness of Snapshot mode that you can't send midi commands when choosing a snapshot. You can go on Ideascale and vote for it--not sure how much that influences Line 6. But it doesn't seem to be something beyond the capabilities of the Stomp. For some reason they just haven't included it. The only real option you have is to add another footswitch controller like a Disaster Area or Morningstar that could simultaneously switch snapshots on the Stomp and the VLab.
  2. Would love this functionality as well to control a small under-the-board switcher like the DPC.micro. Unfortunately, there's currently no Command Center capability on the Stomp so you can't send specific MIDI messages as you change Snapshots. The Stomp only sends PCs with each change to a new preset and these are fixed to each specific preset. No MIDI CC. You'd have to get a MIDI controller that could control both.
  3. Yes. That's the word from Line 6. Makes no difference. I do think the switch on the Stomp is handy particularly if you are using it as an interface but on a pedalboard you can just leave it on.
  4. bug009

    BEST IR?

    Was looking at that one but bought the (r)Evolution Debut Bundle which is still on sale instead... https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=192_193&products_id=449 Really happy with it.
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