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  1. Resolved. Downgraded to 2.6, still didn't work at first, but then went I went to another bank and another preset, all the sudden everything started working correctly, including stomp mode. Have since re-upgraded to 2.71 and all is good. W.T.F.? Off to the races.
  2. I bought and unboxed a new HX Effects today and I can't get it to work OUT OF THE BOX. It came with firmware 2.71 installed. I have the same problem described above: Signal flows to amp when unit is off, as well as when bypass is activated (tap + mode). When I'm in stomp mode, there's no sound at all. I've tried downgrading to every available firmware and nothing fixes it. This is a really disappointing experience. This thing cost a lot of $ and my eager anticipation has been squashed right out of the box. Any ideas? Should I downgrade my Line 6 Updater? I just opened a ticket but it's very disappointing to see that others have had this problem for months and it is apparently unresolved.
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