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    Preset order

    Thanks guys. First thing I did when I got it hooked up was backup everything.
  2. Dwf2008

    Preset order

    Is there some rhyme or reason to the order of the factory presets? I am tempted to rearrange them and put them in alphabetical order to make them easier to find, but I don't want to mess up a reasonable organization that I am just not seeing. Thanks
  3. The Zoom was on sale last month at Sweetwater for $100 off. You should be able to get at least that deal.
  4. The ASIO driver was/is installed. Perhaps I misunderstood. When you said set it as the soundcard, did you mean just within cakewalk? Because that’s how I had it originally.
  5. Rd2rk- thanks again. I was able to get your first suggestion to work as intended except I have to buy another stereo breakout cable. I also could not figure out how to define the 2i2 as the soundcard so I instead told cakewalk to use the MME driver. Everything seems to work as intended. Next we tried to connect a mic to the helix xlr mic in (I dont have the right cables to connect it directly to the mixer) but there appears to be a new learning curve associated with connecting a mic to the helix. It looks like the preset has to be modified to include a signal chain for the mic. Is that correct? I have not tried your second suggestion yet as the first one seems to be working ok. Do you think there would be a significant advantage to the second scheme? btw- did you order that zoom mixer yet? ;) My son-in-law is in the business and he likes this one better. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Sig12MT--soundcraft-signature-12-mtk-mixer-and-audio-interface-with-effects thoughts?
  6. Thanks rd2rk. That is exactly the kind of input I was looking for. Sorry it took so long to get there. The mixer/recorder is a Yamaha MT2X that I inherited when a good friend died. Another reason I’m not going to get rid of it. I will try your connection scheme right now.
  7. Dragon - You seem to be the only one who gets it. Thanks. The DBR 12s or maybe the 10s are my current target. I was shopping for speakers when I decided to buy the Helix instead. I am puzzled as to why everyone is so intent on telling me to get monitors, get monitors. My original question had nothing to do with sound quality. I can deal with that later. One of the problems with a forum post like this is its difficult to get the whole story out without writing a book, and that’s difficult when you are typing on a tablet one finger at a time late at night half asleep lying in bed. In actuality I have a lot of stuff plugged into the katana. Its a K50 btw, (I mentioned that in the original post for the guy who took me to task for not identifying it). BUT I currently never have more than two inputs going at the same time, maybe a backing track and my guitar through the helix. That is in fact what the katana was designed to do, ie play a clean signal thru the aux in from a phone or tablet while the guitarist plays thru both the preamp and power amp sections. And it sounds just fine. The other players are connected to their own separate amps and are not plugged into my system. Now, my original question was about connections, not sound quality. Here is the scenario. The pc is playing a backing track which has been loaded into cakewalk. I am playing the guitar thru the helix. The others are playing thru their own amps. Then someone asks to listen to the original recording on youtube or itunes. Then someone says ok lets try it with a different rhythm from the drum machine. So you see what I really need (at the moment) is a way to utilize all this stuff without rearranging cables all the time. Sorry if that wasn't clear in the original post, but I think it was. For the guys who want me to dump the 2i2, well, it was a Christmas from my wife just this last Christmas. So no, I’m not going to sell it anytime soon. The “mixer” is actually a Yamaha 8 track recorder that is more than 25 years old and probably worth $25 if that. So no, thats not gonna be sold either. The katana is 2 years old and worth maybe $100 as a trade in but I use it as a pa for parties at church. So no its not going either. I really don't mind suggestions that I cant use, but it is a bit hard to shoulder the negativity when they don't hit the mark. Just my rant. Thanks for listening.
  8. Hey Dragon, you hit the nail on the head. This is the mixer I am currently targeting. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/L12--zoom-livetrak-l-12-12-channel-digital-mixer-recorder but having just bought the helix its going to be a while before I can get it. I am also agonizing over speakers. I checked out all the studio monitors at GC and didn't like any of them. Currently I am thinking I will get larger PA speakers instead. That way I can use them for gigging if the opportunity arises. Perhaps 10 or 12 inch Yamahas. Realistically it will take me a year or more to acquire all that and I am NOT going to sell the existing gear. So in the meantime the question is how to make the best use of what I have, even if it doesn't satisfy all my wants. Thanks for your input.
  9. Hey guys, I’m sorry if my last response seemed a little cheeky. It certainly was not my intent but in retrospect I can see why it might seem to be. I also apologize if my original post was lacking in detail. And long term yes, there is more/different equipment to buy, but funds are not unlimited and going out and spending a couple grand on more stuff right now is not possible. So, maybe the first question right now is how can I make the best use of the equipment I have which by the way has been accumulated over more than 20 years. My original thought was maybe the helix (which I just purchased last week) could also do the work of the 2i2 for the second guitar. Thank you for all your longer term suggestions.
  10. Well, now perhaps you see why the mixer is in the mix. I could do as you suggest but that only accounts for two instruments. What about the others? My setup is actually more about jamming than recording although I want to do both without rearranging the connections each time I switch from one to the other.
  11. Ok guys, I get it that this is way too complicated. The katana is just being used until I can afford some monitors or a PA. Now, assume I have multiple players (a band) and I want to play a backing track that all can hear (hence no headphones) and record each instrument separately (on a different track at the same time). Where on the helix do you plug in the second guitar and how do you assign a different preset to it? We’ll deal with these different inputs one at a time.
  12. Dwf2008

    Amp cross reference

    Thank you everyone. This is exactly what I wanted.
  13. Is there a cross reference somewhere that identifies the real names of the amplifiers that are modeled by the helix? For example, if I wanted a Fender Princeton, which one should I choose? thanks
  14. I’m still trying to figure out how to connect all my equipment. I have a pc running cakewalk, band in a box, itunes, etc. There is a usb midi interface attached to the pc via a four port hub. Also attached to the hub is the helix, and a focusrite Scarlett 2i2. The output of the helix is plugged into the guitar input of a katana 50 amp. The output of the Scarlett is plugged into an 8 channel mixer. The output of the mixer is plugged into the aux input of the amp. A Roland drum machine is also plugged into the mixer. Cakewalk will record and play the helix properly. The inputs of the Scarlett pass through to the mixer ok but no sound comes out of the amp. Recording from the Scarlett was working but not now after I added the helix. The Scarlett shows up as a device in the cakewalk preferences but it is grayed out and cannot be selected. So I was wondering, can the Scarlett’s outputs be connected to the helix so its inputs can be captured by the daw and also be passed thru to the amp without being processed? Or, bottom line, what is the best way to hook all this up? There is also a midi keyboard and emu synth in the mix but they seem to be working ok. Thanks
  15. Dwf2008

    Looking for presets

    Thanks. Where do I find fremen?
  16. Dwf2008

    Looking for presets

    Thanks Dragon. Yes that’s on the list but I have never used a pedal before and my attempts so far have been frustrating.
  17. Dwf2008

    Preset volumes

    Some of my presets come in at different volumes when selected. Where in the signal chain should I be tweaking the volume ? Assume there is an amp, noise gate, and compressor, among other effects.
  18. Hi, I bought my Helix a week ago and am still exploring the presets and other features. I have downloaded a few patches from customtone but have been mostly disappointed because I can’t find the ones I really want. I was hoping someone here could help me out. A partial wish list includes: James Bond 007 theme Johnny Rivers Secret Agent Man Mark Knopfler Money For Nothing, Brothers In Arms, etc Santo & Johnny Sleepwalk Buffalo Springfield For What Its Worth Duane Eddy everything Lonnie Mack Memphis Hank Marvin everything Some really good surf tone with a true drippy reverb Any help finding a source for these would be appreciated.
  19. Verne, thank you so much. This is very helpful.
  20. So, would you get a flat response if you used the aux in jack on the katana?
  21. Any chance you can provide a sound sample?
  22. Hello all, I am contemplating purchase of a Helix, but before I do I would like to know how well it will reproduce the surf guitar sounds of the early 60s. I have not been able to find any sound samples that highlight songs like Pipeline or Telstar. I also would like to get Duane Eddy tones. Can the HX accurately sound like the original Fender tube/spring reverb? Thanks
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