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  1. Lol. Yes it's not a patch that I plan to use. I'm trying the concept of volume pedal control of wet path. Thanks much for your thoughtful tips. :)
  2. And to clarify, EXP2 is assigned to the first Volume Block so it's not competing with EXP1 assigned to the parallel block. Thanks
  3. Picture of the preset attached. Note that when I choose Volume Pedal it jumps to the "Position" parameter... and when I learn that with EXP1 position changes with the pedal but the actual volume of the parallel path is not affected.
  4. Thanks... Yes, I get that... When assigning EXP1 to the wet path simply learning the EXP1 pedal for the "Position" parameter (not "Gain" or "Pan") does nothing. Only when assigning "Gain" does it affect the wet path. Is that expected? Thanks.
  5. Thanks much for your reply... Your suggestion doesn't work if EXP2 is already assigned to the volume of the whole preset... Any further suggestions?
  6. Hello all. I've become excited by the possibilities of using volume pedal to control volume of a totally wet parallel path in Helix, as in this Line 6 video tutorial: I'm new to Helix and when I try to assign a volume pedal block as in the video, at the beginning of the parallel path, and try to have it learn Volume parameter to Exp 1, nothing happens. When I change the parameter to "Gain" then it seems to work but that is not what is shown in the video. Any clues? Is Volume the parameter that I'm seeking or is it Gain? Gain seems to have a very non-linear response even when the linear curve is selected. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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