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  1. There is no guitar in pad option. I have a pedalboard aside the hx stomp and all works well... Issue is not the bass...
  2. Hello enjalt. Eh, 250ohm is high a lot (respect my 32), maybe the headphones out need headphones at higher impedance. I've tried Ins+Outs setting to both inst/line: with 'line' option there is more volume but the distortion is the same as 'inst'. Seems there is clip steadily...there is a way to verify that? Many thanks, bye
  3. Hello, I have a couple of problems with a brand new hx stomp. 2.71 firmware with an active/passive bass. I have two problems : 1. Headphone output is generally too low, even with the volume at max. I'm using 32ohm phone, there is optimization for another impedance? 2. The bass sound is distorted even if I have an empty chain or analog bypass!! There is a lot of distortion in mid and low frequencies content even with passive or active basses (connected to the main L input). Can you help me? Best regards, Bye
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