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  1. mmorelock321

    Spider V 60

    I’m returning to Line6 and they are shipping me a replacement. I also have. 2nd issue now. I whe to my nearest big box store to check my guitars and G10, and found the it only worked on one of my guitars. Very strange! I email Line6 that this is the third Line 6 product tha I got for ZZound that was defective. I asked what’s up with this. No answer back. Hopefully I’ll hear back from them on Monday.
  2. mmorelock321

    Spider V 60

    Just received my 2nd v60 amp. The first I retired because no sound through the speaker nor the headphone jack. Just received the replacement today an again there is an issue. No sound from the speak but the headphone jack works on this one and the sound is great. I see that this has been an issue for a few people. Can anyone give me an update on what Line 6 is doing about this problem and is there an easy fix?
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