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  1. We're a touring band and we bought 2 g70 systems because of the built in tuner. Both are updated to latest firmware. 1 system has a terrably noice in the background all the time. And the input level is so hot, it feedbacks all the time. And the drop outs.. I've Sent it back. The other system drops out all the time no matter what channel. And it makes our other g30 and g50 system drop out... Terrable system. Going back to g30 or g 50 again. Don't buy IMO.
  2. Hi, I love my HX stomp. I used a Kemper for 5 years but the HX is perfect for fly gigs! Anyone tried the "Tech 21 MIDI Mongoose" ? is it compatiable? Also, can I program a certain channel on the midi pedal to activate the tuner on the HX? Is it possible to dissable the volume knob on the HX pedal? I want a set level for the main output, not risking to change it live since i'm running it to FOH. Best regards from Sweden! //Jens
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