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  1. Ya I did everything like the instructions said to. Had all the newest versions downloaded to my computer. I connected the Helix with the usb cable the updater recognized it. I did the update to 2.70 said the update was completed and it would reboot and start up again, it never did come back up I waited about a hour. After a hour it never came up and online again I shut it down and got it to load but it locks up after a few minutes of playing or editing. And alot of the amp and effect show the names but they can not be selected. Is this fixable? or do I have to contact Line 6 for tech support?
  2. I will admit up front that I'm a total newbie when it comes to the Helix. I would like to update the firmware so I could use HX edit, and I tried installing the lastest firmware update and it did not go so well. It tried loading the latest version and said it would reboot on its own. After a hour it was still a blank screen! After reading a bunch of these threads on here I was able to restore it and get it back to working but my firmware version is 1.06.5 Do I need to have a certain version of firmware installed before I can do the lastest firmware version? Also once the firmware has been sent to the Helix how long should it take to reboot? And once the firmware has been sent do I need to unplug my usb cable?
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