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  1. I'm have a change to buy a second hand Line 6 POD X3 Live. Looking forward to play with it. Besides my main pedalboard I also want to use it as an audio interface and controller for BiasFX on Mac and or iPad. 1) In the ideal situation I want to use the X3 Live as an audio and midi interface with OSX Catalina for controlling BiasFX. Is it compatible with Catalina? 2) If not, is the X3 Live as an audio and midi interface compatible with iPad? In that case I'll use BiasFX Mobile 3) If not 1+2, I've also a Zoom U44 audio/midi interface. Another option is to use that as interface and connect the S/PDIF and midi cables to the Zoom U44. Is that an option? Can anyone confirm which of these 3 option will work?
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