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  1. Ok, figures. I think I just figured this out. Under the Global>Pedals you have to set the "Exp Position X", X in my case is 1 to Global. From the manual... Determines whether each expression pedal position is recalled per snapshot, per preset, or applied globally. If you want a Volume Pedal or Wah to maintain its position when switching presets, set this to "Global." I hate when this happens, but maybe this will help someone else, lol.
  2. I'm on the latest firmware/software. I am using preset mode and I have several presets all with a volumne control as one of the stomps and I've got expression input 1 setup to control the position. When I'm switching from one preset to the next, even when the expression pedal is beyond the heal position, even at max, the volume after selecting the next preset is zero. Now I only need to move the expression pedal a tiny bit then suddenly it "registers", but that doesn't seem right to me. The target preset should already recognize the position of the expression pedal and be playing/passing signal at that setting, 50%, 80%, 100% whatever, without me having to tickle/touch it or switch it on/off with a separate switch. I'm using the Dunlap DVP3 pedal for the expression pedal. Not the Mission one, which I probably would have gotten if the store had it in stock, but the Dunlap sure wasnt' cheap either. Other than this one issue, this device has been a lot easier to work with then my TC Electronics G major 2 and midi-controllers. Any advice?
  3. cmedcoff

    HX Effects tuner

    What are the instructions/steps to configure the tuner for strobe mode?
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