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  1. TomR237

    MIDI CC issues

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone can help with an issue im having so basically, my bandmates Helix rack isnt receiving CC messages correctly. for context, my band use the cymatic LP16 live to change presets and snapshots on our units. my HX stomp is receiving both PC and CC messages correctly, however the Helix rack is only receiving the PC messages and not the snapshot info. strangely, over USB directly from the DAW, both units receive the PC and CC messages correctly. has anyone had this before? as i said, the Helix rack is getting the program changes but not changing any of the snapshots over 5pin midi. ive already checked the basics, the unit is on the correct midi channel, everything is enabled as far as i can see, it just doesnt make sense. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. TomR237

    Helix Editor

    Hi guys! ok, so i'm having problems getting helix editor. i bought a Helix LT unit a few months ago but have only recently got a new laptop, last night i attempted to download the most recent version of the Helix editor software but i quickly got confused by the sheer number of downloads on the line6 page. Which version of the editor do i need to download? do i just download the most recent full version and if so, what is it called? or do i have to download the first version of the editor plus all subsequent updates? any help would be massively appreciated as i'm pretty confused at this point.
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