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  1. Ok, would you please be so kind as to describe the correct order of 4CM connections for me, if I got this attenuator? Additional info: My amp has 2 separate channels, (non-footswitchable,) with “preamp in” and “power amp out” jacks on the rear panel. I’m not sure how to make the 4CM connections with the Tone King II Attenuator in the chain of gear. No rush to respond, thank you again for the help! :)
  2. Thanks for your reply. So this isn’t something that the Helix can do? No problem. Just thought I’d ask, as I had hoped to not need to buy an attenuator. But, I DO want to get the best sound I CAN. Thanks again for your time!
  3. Crazy, I just posted a similar question myself! I hope we both can get some answers!
  4. Hello All, I have posted asking about the 4CM before, so thanks for the help with my previous question! My NEW question is this: Is there a “proper way” to use the big volume knob (and source input settings,) on the Helix to be able to attenuate the signal from the amp you are using in the 4CM? Here is why I am asking— I have a Gibson Lab Series L7 amp. With the gain on the amp maxed out, and the amp’s master volume at 4 and higher, you get an awesome thick high gain sound. But even BETTER, is that if you use your guitar’s volume knob to roll down the volume substantially, you get this AMAZING chimey, saturated clean sound. As an example, listen to the intro to the song “Summerland” here: But the PROBLEM for me is that when the amp is turned up to 4 in my house, it is WAY too loud for my family. If I turn the amp’s master volume down to 1, (still surprisingly loud, but quite acceptable,) I CANNOT get that very unique clean sound when I roll the guitar’s volume knob down… the amp MUST be turned up much louder. Typically, one is supposed to have the big volume knob on the Helix turned all the way up when running out to your PA, FRFR system or monitors. Is there a way I can STILL have my Helix big volume knob turned up 100%, (so that my amp modeling presets will sound good going through the CLEAN channel in my Gibson L7 amp,) but somehow adjust my Helix’s source level/output/gain stages so that my Amp’s master volume CAN be set to 4, but that the sound coming out of it is attenuated by the Helix? I’m sorry I don’t know the best terminology to use. Basically, my goal is to keep my Helix’s big volume knob at 100%, run my modeled amp tones through my amp’s clean channel, and have my amp’s high gain channel master volume at 4, but with it’s overall volume greatly lowered/attenuated by the Helix so I CAN get great high gain AND lower gain sounds from my amp at a reasonable volume. If anyone has any ideas and understands what I’m trying to convey, please give me some guidance if you can! Thanks guys!! :)
  5. Hi all! I love Eric Johnson, and wanted to try to create a preset with snapshots to be able to duplicate what he did on the intro of his first Instructional video. In a nutshell, he begins with a clean tone with some chorus and delay, and switches between this tone and a high gain lead sound. He also uses an old MXR digital rack delay to create “infinite sustain” for playing a chord and letting it sustain, then switches back to his high gain lead setting to play over the sustained clean chords. I am just learning how to use snapshots to try to recreate EJ’s switching possibilities. Here then is my EXACT question: How do I assign the FootSwitch control (along with the snapshot parameters,) so that I can switch back and forth between snapshots 1 and 2, with the Poly Sustain CONTINUING to repeat the clean chords UNTIL I want it to stop? Is my approach below correct? Snapshot 1 = Clean Chorus + Slight Delay (Poly Sustain ON, FootSwitch set to latching?) fx spillover set to ON Snapshot 2 = High Gain, (Poly Sustain ON, FootSwitch set to Latching?) fx spillover set to ON. I play the chord I want to hold out, on my clean snapshot. I press the assigned FootSwitch to engage it. Next, I press the assigned button to go to snapshot 2. When I want to go back to my Clean sound, I press the assigned button to go to snapshot 1. If I want to change the chord I’m improvising over, then I press the assigned FootSwitch to turn it OFF. I then do some chord changes, Melodies or whatever, and if I want to hold out another chord to do high gain leads over, I press the assigned FootSwitch button to ON and switch to snapshot 2. Does this sound right? Thanks guys for any help!! :)
  6. Ok, realized I shouldn’t have said “in an FX loop”; you specified FX send…. I’m getting it together, little by little :)
  7. Thanks so much so much guys!! I don’t have to worry about FOH; I’m not playing out anywhere now. I also have available to play through my two Alto 110 powered speakers as well as a Harley Benton 112 cabinet — I’m powering that with a TC Electronic BAM200. I wanted to be able to have JUST the distortion sound from the L7 amp play through ITS speakers when I select a preset in the Helix where the L7 is in an FX Loop and activated. Then, when I switch presets, send the Helix signal to my Harley Benton cab via the 1/4” input in my TC Electronic BAM200– which is connected to it. Thanks again all!
  8. Question for Helix users: I want to do BOTH of these things at the same time with the Helix: 1. Have my Lab Series L7 amp connected to the Helix, and be able to use it’s high gain channel with the Helix providing effects AFTER the L7’s preamp stage 2. Be able to play my Helix modeled amps and presets through my external 112 cabinet that has it’s own power amp. Can I do this, and if so how? Thank you for any help ***More precisely, I should say, I want to be able to “have the L7 in the Helix’s fx loop,” in a manner of speaking. I want to primarily use my 112 cabinet to play all my Helix presets through, and then kick on the fx loop to hear the L7 amp for a different lead tone when I want it.
  9. If it helps to know, my signal path (Order of fx) is REALLY simple: High gain sound= Guitar>tuner>Helix>Helix fx loop 1 (ep3 preamp>Tube driver>) Marshall type amp+IR> Helix fx loop 2 (Maxon AD999) > out to powered speakers Clean sound= Guitar>tuner>Helix> blackface amp + ir > ep3 sim > dmm sim > Chorus Sim > out to powered speakers
  10. Thanks so much guys! I truly appreciate the helpful replies! So then a FINAL question for clarification: If I setup a patch/preset that uses snapshots--the blackface clean, switching to a Marshall with a tape echo delay-- will I STILL be able to have the delay trail INTO my clean sound within that same patch? (I DO understand that having trails means I can only have 1 signal path, and not a split stereo path)
  11. Thanks for the reply! I have been trying to research how to do what I am wanting to do (enabling trails AND switching between clean and dirty amps,) and it seems snapshots are NOT the way to go. From what I understand, you CANT switch between two different amps within a snapshot, is that correct? I want to switch between a clean blackface amp and an overdriven Marshall, and you can't do that within a snapshot, right?
  12. Hi all, Here is my question: Can I switch from one preset with Reverb and delay to another preset which does NOT have Reverb and delay, and have the fx from preset 1 spillover into preset 2? In other words, does the Helix have TRUE spillover? It used to be that if you HAD to have the same effect on both presets to get spillover; ie, preset 1 had a cathedral verb at 90% mix, and you could switch to preset 2 with cathedral verb at 10% mix and it WOULD spillover, but ONLY if you had the same effect on bath presets. I want to create some Eric Johnson sounding presets (clean chorus going into high gain with a Tape delay,) and be able to have the trailing delay from the high gain patch fade into the clean/chorus patch when I change presets. Or, since I am a newbie, do I need to use "snapshots" to do this? I owned a Helix briefly 2 years ago and never learned much about it, and just got a new one today. Thanks for any advice -Matt
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