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  1. Hi cruisinon2 I appreciate your input. I'm thinking after following this situation for some time, to use an 8000 mAh 16340 3.7v battery in place of the ICB17280 600 mah 3.7v battery. I know it won't fit into the structure however will retro fit it and to tidy it up use some shrink wrap. I think when fully charged and used in my particular circumstance it will allow the G10 relay to last a VERY long time and will need very little recharge cycles. Given the 8000mah battery can receive 500-1000 cycle recharges; I'm hopeful this will last me forever so to speak. I've bought a pack of 4 batteries to quick fix the next time.
  2. Hi Yes the upgrade has completely ruined it all. No battery life at all. Mine runs about 10 minutes. It's so hard dealing with these people and basically, they are not helping as I think they aught too. I see the CEO placed a not very helpful post. I'm now trying to source a battery to see if I can install a new one however it's so difficult finding an exact match. Line 6 what the hell are you playing at!
  3. Hi Phil_m Thank you for your time in answering my question...I appreciate that. Well, I would like at least 100% extra looping time if at all possible as it really doesn't cut it on doing any simple songs of Verse and Chorus. Another very sad situation unrelated is the relay G1O. Woeful length of time now after the update. :( Thanks again Phil_m
  4. Hi everybody. I would dearly like to know how if at all possible, to increase the time substantially for the looper on the Spider V 240? I'm thinking perhaps a card or flash alternative treatment. Increasing a card or hardware in the amplifier. Failing that being possible...I'd buy this product again if the looping was greatly increased for professional usage. Thank you sincerely folks. Play and be happy. :)
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