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  1. For 90% of what I play I want the footswitches to do the following in any combination. This would cover almost my entire set list in one preset. 1. Change amp settings between clean and overdrive 2. Volume boost after amp 3. Flanger on/off 4. Delay on/off 5. Boost volume of delay repeats 6. Extra modulation/pitch effect Expression pedal: Adjust Reverb mix and Decay time simultaneously External compressor in front of the POD There are too many combinations for a few snapshots to cover.
  2. Thanks chasingMango. I should have specified that I meant in Stompbox mode. Do you know if it can do that?
  3. Digital Igloo, can the POD Go toggle between two values of one or more parameters as well as toggle one or more blocks on and off?
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