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  1. I have experimented with multiple delays as well. Thinking that might be the case. However, I’m not running crazy long delay times. I set the internal clock on the DD500 to 84.00 bpm 1/4 delay. The stomp responds and changes time as the bpm is adjusted. But is not in sync still. Also, I should clarify it’s a bpm and midi clock issue because any time based effect (teen, vibrato, etc.) are all not synced to the input bpm. Thinking about getting a midi controller, and hoping that the issue is just a compatibility thing with the dd500 running as the midi control center for clock.
  2. The DD500 is sending midi clock to the Stomp. The stomp recognizes changes when a tap tempo is input, but they just do not sync properly. the Stomps seems to lag behind the tempo input into the the DD500. But the stomp does recognize that it is receiving external tempo.
  3. I was wondering if anyone else has been having issues with tap tempo not syncing on the HX Stomp. I have midi set up between A Boss DD500 delay and the Stomp. I am however unable to get the tap tempos to sync to the same tempo. I am using the DD500 to send the midi to the stomp. The stomp just does not seem to properly respond to the tempo that it is receiving. Has anyone else had this issue, or is there anything that can be done? Thank you!
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