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  1. Thankyou....was indeed the ground loop.. All is good again. Cheers
  2. superchunx

    XLR outputs

    Hi all .. connected my spider v 240 via the XLR outputs to a mixing desk on Saturday for a gig. Only to hear a horrible buzzing noise ,almost like a short circuit noise. It was fine before I did the MK2 update.. I raised a ticket with line6 but am still waiting.....need this sorting pretty quick. Has anyone had similar..
  3. Sorted....used a newer Mac book and it sailed through.... happy
  4. I'm really stuck here .. tried to update to MK2 on spider v 240 via spider remote..used.. android phone,Mac book and an iPhone. Only one that has said update available is the iPhone... Now amp says updater ready for update..which isn't available on iOS..only on pc or Mac...but then spider remote isn't available on the Mac
  5. I tried my MODX7 through the v120 yesterday and it sounds good...I'm going to exchange for the 240 today...just worried if it will be loud enough for playing in the band using the aux in . Thinking of using just this amp for both keys and guitar...
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