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    POD Go FAQ

    that would be a great feature! I guess they can perhaps implement it with a software update if it doesn't do it already.
  2. usta28

    POD Go FAQ

    yea, the LT misses some connections, knobs and led name strips, but the software it runs on is EXACTLY the same as the regular Helix. Even the HX stomp runs on exactly the same software, if you don't count the 6 block limit. This one just runs the same amp and effect models. But I don't want to get off topic too much, I'm sure I'll probably buy this one.. The size is just perfect. But I have to try it in a store first, so I can be sure I won't need more than what it can do. (I'm pretty sure at this point that it can do all I need). I also hope that buyers of this can get the discount on helix native.. Or at least another VST that has these helix amps and effects.
  3. usta28

    POD Go FAQ

    "The original POD set the standard for ease-of-use in digital guitar and bass products. We wanted POD Go to be ridiculously easy-to-use, which meant purposefully omitting some power user features one would expect to find in HX or Helix-branded products" I hope this clears up this ISN'T a helix because it misses alot of features that would make it an Helix (why would they otherwise call it a POD right?) .. Yes, it DOES use the helix amps and effects, but that DOESN'T make it a Helix. BUT, this WOULD be a great product for anyone that uses an Helix (as a backup) in case the helix would fart out live on stage (which I highly doubt!) anyway have a good day :p .
  4. usta28

    POD Go FAQ

    I would LOVED to have an Helix of this size, with a price between the hx stomp and the helix lt. I sold my helix lt because it was too big, I hope I can keep myself from buying this, especially if there will be an helix of this size at some point. Also I wonder if there will be a new pod vst that's basically this unit in vst form? edit: I do agree that this is a great move to get into the market where mooer, nux, joyo and hotone are roaming and this sounds ALOT better and is cheaper.
  5. Hey, I get the frustration, you guys can’t use your interface. I was going to buy the sonic port vx and I’m waiting until the problem is resolved. But I do believe the problem is going to be resolved.. it was already apparent that it wouldn’t be solved on 13.3 since line6 stated it didn’t work on the 13.3 beta.
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