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  1. Hi there, I have a Helix LT, and so far I am loving it. The notes are much clearer when using distortion than my old RP500. While the clarity of the notes improved with the Helix once I started using my Marshall combo as a speaker alone (plugging into the back of the amp rather than the front to avoid colouring), I've lost a lot of fullness to the tone (warmth), especially when picking clean. I am emulating a Fender twin reverb with a head and amp but no speaker cab. Is there anything I can do to bring some of the warmth back into my tone? Thanks! Dylan
  2. Yes I am using a wah, but I am only getting awful ear piercing feedback. Any hints on how to get the good kind? Also one other thing. I do a pick scratch attack in some songs, but even without a noise gate there is no sustain.
  3. Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. So one thing that seems to have helped is changing instrument to line for the 1/4. I get a significant volume boost, meaning I don't need to crank the amp so I get far fewer of those piercing highs. I did plug the cable from the Helix 1/4 out directly into the effects return. What I found though is that everything sounds very thin like that. Any suggestions for that? I did manage to get some nice feedback though.
  4. Thanks for this. I never really had to do much EQ with my previous pedal. I've got the treble turned up to 7, bass 4, gain 5 and volume at 4 on the Marshall. There is no mid knob. I only use the clean channel. Any idea how to avoid scooping the mids?
  5. Thanks! You are right that the Digitech 500 is a cheaper multi-effects and circa 2008. Significantly cheaper actually. But it does boast amp modelling, and it definitely makes a big difference when you bypass the amp and just use the Marshall. I currently have the Helix 1/4 output set to instrument. Line gives me a lot more volume, but I am a bit concerned about the noise. The manual says to use instrument, but I will experiment. Any tips for the EQ? With the Digitech, I never used EQ, just a noise gate.
  6. Hi there, I am new to Helix but not to multi-effect pedals. I used a Digitech 500 for 11 years, and while I notice a noticeable improvement in the effects, I am having issues with getting the tone I need to play live. I play a PRS Mark Tremonti passive guitar with a Marshall AVT 50 combo amp. I play the Marshall only on the clean channel. I am emulating a Fender twin with a metal zone distortion. I I have a few problems. I play in a hard rock band, and I need to be able to do feedback. I haven't been able to get any good feedback (just the ear splitting kind). Any tips for that? I understand that you need to crank the gain for feedback, but one of the problems I am having with my amp is that I have to crank it with the Helix. When I do that it starts to break up, and I need it as clean as possible. I understand that the amp will colour my tone, but I never had this issue with my old pedal. I have a feeling I am missing some setting. Also, do you have some general tips for going straight into a combo amp in terms of placement of amp, cabinet etc? Should I be using preamp amp and cab if I am already using an amp that colours my sound? Thanks for any help you can give!
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