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  1. I went out and bought the mission. I want a pedal I can use live if the LT expression pedal breaks again. The mission is super rugged. I only use it for wah. I love the fact that it is powered by the Helix too. So I just go into all my presets and change the exp pedal to express 2? How do I do that?
  2. I bought it second hand but the person never used it. Sat on a shelf for two years. Then it got daily use from me. I managed to register it. I am in Canada so I have to go through a Yamaha authorized service centre. The service centre said to bring the pedal in and any communication I had with line 6. I did raise the pedal issue with line 6 and quoted the alleged statement regarding replacing such units due to faulty pedal, but it will have to wait until after the show. I'll update you after. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks. So there's an instrument 1/4 and an amp quarter inch. I would plug the guitar into the 1/4 instrument on the crybaby then out to the guitar input on the Helix? Is there a pedal I can get that I can use to replace the broken expression pedal? Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, hoping the community can help. I have a Helix LT and the expression pedal is broken. It was always kind of clicky but now it wobbles on the left side and I can't click down to turn off effects like wah. I have a show next Friday. I borrowed a Crybaby pedal. My current setup is the following: I have presets for each song and then a few snapshots for each. I use a lot of wah. Is it possible to use the crybaby as the expression pedal? If not, how would I chain the crybaby to replace the wah that is currently on expression pedal 1 (the broken one) Thanks for any help you can give me!
  5. Hi there, I have a Helix LT, and so far I am loving it. The notes are much clearer when using distortion than my old RP500. While the clarity of the notes improved with the Helix once I started using my Marshall combo as a speaker alone (plugging into the back of the amp rather than the front to avoid colouring), I've lost a lot of fullness to the tone (warmth), especially when picking clean. I am emulating a Fender twin reverb with a head and amp but no speaker cab. Is there anything I can do to bring some of the warmth back into my tone? Thanks! Dylan
  6. Yes I am using a wah, but I am only getting awful ear piercing feedback. Any hints on how to get the good kind? Also one other thing. I do a pick scratch attack in some songs, but even without a noise gate there is no sustain.
  7. Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. So one thing that seems to have helped is changing instrument to line for the 1/4. I get a significant volume boost, meaning I don't need to crank the amp so I get far fewer of those piercing highs. I did plug the cable from the Helix 1/4 out directly into the effects return. What I found though is that everything sounds very thin like that. Any suggestions for that? I did manage to get some nice feedback though.
  8. Thanks for this. I never really had to do much EQ with my previous pedal. I've got the treble turned up to 7, bass 4, gain 5 and volume at 4 on the Marshall. There is no mid knob. I only use the clean channel. Any idea how to avoid scooping the mids?
  9. Thanks! You are right that the Digitech 500 is a cheaper multi-effects and circa 2008. Significantly cheaper actually. But it does boast amp modelling, and it definitely makes a big difference when you bypass the amp and just use the Marshall. I currently have the Helix 1/4 output set to instrument. Line gives me a lot more volume, but I am a bit concerned about the noise. The manual says to use instrument, but I will experiment. Any tips for the EQ? With the Digitech, I never used EQ, just a noise gate.
  10. Hi there, I am new to Helix but not to multi-effect pedals. I used a Digitech 500 for 11 years, and while I notice a noticeable improvement in the effects, I am having issues with getting the tone I need to play live. I play a PRS Mark Tremonti passive guitar with a Marshall AVT 50 combo amp. I play the Marshall only on the clean channel. I am emulating a Fender twin with a metal zone distortion. I I have a few problems. I play in a hard rock band, and I need to be able to do feedback. I haven't been able to get any good feedback (just the ear splitting kind). Any tips for that? I understand that you need to crank the gain for feedback, but one of the problems I am having with my amp is that I have to crank it with the Helix. When I do that it starts to break up, and I need it as clean as possible. I understand that the amp will colour my tone, but I never had this issue with my old pedal. I have a feeling I am missing some setting. Also, do you have some general tips for going straight into a combo amp in terms of placement of amp, cabinet etc? Should I be using preamp amp and cab if I am already using an amp that colours my sound? Thanks for any help you can give!
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