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  1. I'd just like to say that all the problems are now solved! I found out why I had a "bleed" despite using the send; it was due to wrongfully having the "return" set to aux in. As a result I continued to hear the unprocessed signal through my monitors! I guess the takeaways are: - you CAN use the HX stomp simultaneously as 1) interface for monitor speakers 2) amp modeler and effects unit for an amplifier and 3) direct recording and monitoring in conjunction with rocksmith. You DO need an ABY box though with 3 outputs. - A little counter-intuitively perhaps, but the HX stomp "send" has to be used by using send block or dragging down to the send path for the amplfier effect loopt return, and the "return/aux in" has to be used to receive the effects loop send from the amp, and this has to be set to "return". - no ground loops if you have it all plugged into the same power box, in fact, more silent than my old Gmajor rig. Thanks again phil_m :) Case closed.
  2. Creating presets using Stomp's send as output worked! Thanks so much for that tip. Is there a difference here between having a Send L block in path A vs. dragging everything down to path B? Either way I get a slight bleeding still in path A (I still get a little bit of sound through main L/R when I thought I sent it all to send). Other that that, I figured out all the connections! This really is an incredible piece of technology. I forgot that my ABY box also has a tuner out, so I just hooked that up to Rocksmith. A to my amp, B to the Stomp, Tuner to my computer Rocksmith cable. On the Helix Main L/R are to speaker monitors, my amp send goes into aux in (had to change this in the global settings), and Send is to my amp return. Like I said, except for that bleed in the A path it's working. I should also note that actually, this solved a ground loop issue I had. My rig is waaaaay more quiet now, so much so that I keep checking if the noise gate is on accidentally.
  3. Hi phil_m, thank you for responding I really appreciate it. I'm trying to do this with the send/return jacks though, as the L/R main outputs are already in use for my monitor speakers. Maybe even using the phones out. Just can't use the main L/R as those are in use for the monitors. I will try your suggestion of plugging straight into the Helix though instead of the ABY box, so thank you for that. This would free up the ABY box to split the stereo send for my amp return + rocksmith, potentially.
  4. Hi Everyone, I got the Stomp a few days ago and I've been trying to hook it up and set it up but to no avail. Can't seem to get it to work in the effects loop of my amplifier. I hope you guys can point me in the right direction! Normally I would use the L/R main output, but these are already going to my speaker monitors... I got the Stomp to 1) replace my audio interface, 2) use the effects and preamp in my loop, and 3) use it for direct monitoring in conjunction with Rocksmith. I've got it to work as an audio interface, plugging the USB into my computer and my monitor speakers in the L/R out. Check! I've got it to work with Rocksmith by plugging guitar into main L in and the send into Rocksmith Truetone cable. Check! Now I can't for the life of me figure out how to also put in in the effects loop of my amp for its effects as well as preamp. Where do I plug in the effects send from my amp? Where do I take it back out into the effects return of the amp? How do I then set this up in the Helix software? My idea was to use a Bigshot ABY to switch between my real amp preamp and the helix preamp, and then put the helix in the amp effects loop for its effects. I did a search on the forum, but I only found the standard way with the main L/R out, which I am already using for the monitor speakers. Hope you can help! Mark
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