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  1. I use the G30 and it used to have the same (very common) problem. It's something to do with bandwith "hogging" and the dropouts can be caused by devices nearby searching for wireless devices - in particular mobile phones. As an experiment, I turned my mobile off and the dropouts completely stopped. The cause of the issue was that the Line6 wirelesses (I'm told) are shipped in RF2 mode (whatever that is) which apparently hogs less bandwidth, but is affected by other local wireless activity. To get round the problem, it's a case of switching to RF1 mode, which hogs more local bandwidth/frequency channels but is less prone to interference. I've no idea how to do this on the G70 (or if it's even configurable) but the procedure on the G30 is as follows: With transmitter off, set the Channel Select slide switch to channel 6. Turn on the transmitter. Immediately after the blue light blinks, slide the Channel Select switch completely left to channel 1 and back to channel 6. Do this 3 times total. This process must be completed within three seconds of turning on the transmitter. The blue LED will flash once to indicate that the transmitter is now in the 4-frequency transmission mode. To revert to RF2 transmission mode, repeat the above steps; the blue LED will flash twice when the transmitter is in this mode. I did this a couple of years ago and since then have never had a single dropout. If the G70 can't be configured for RF1, try moving your mobile well away from the transmitter/receiver or turn the phone's wireless off.
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