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  1. Thank you for your reply Waymda! It’s interesting to read about your approach. The answers that I have had so far have made me understand a bit more. I guess next step will be just experimenting with different ways to set it up. As I wrote I thing that the Powercab is great in so many ways, but that I still miss that uniqe ”tube sound”. Maybe it’s possible to achieve but I don’t have the knowledge to tweak the settings of the Helix to that point, I guess. At the same time I think that the DT are such an awesome and versatile amp. My next attempt will probably be to use the 4CM...
  2. I did som experimenting and just realized that, like you said, that template is intended to be used with MIDI. I did find the settings for the output block, but I don’t seem to understand how it works??? I thought that if I made a preset with, for example, the Tweed the DT would automatically configure its topoligy according to that type of amp, and then if I switch to a preset with a hi-gain amp it would change again... I appreciate that you guiding me through this! Unfortunately I have to quit trying now and won’t be able to pick this up until next weekend :(
  3. Thanks Phil, for your reply. Fortunately I had a MIDI interface at home and I did the update. Now the DT are ver. 2.0 and the Helix 3.01. But it feels like I’m still missing something? Among the factory presets there are one in the folder ”Templates” that is called DT25-DT50 Remote, with several switches assigned to different actions on the amp, but nothing happens when I try them? I tried just to create a simple preset and try different amps but still no response from the DT? There must be something that I have missed???
  4. Hi all, Bought my Helix floor a year ago and I love it. Been using it primarily together with Powercab and have been quite satisfied so far. But sometimes it feels like I’m missing that tube feel. I had an DT50 combo earlier that I sold but remembered how great it was so I got myself a DT25 head instead now. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get the Helix to work with the DT... I have connected the Helix to the DT via the L6 Link and got sound through the amp. So far, so good... But when shifting to different amp models, nothing happens in the DT? No changes in the topology whatsoever? And I can’t find any easy to understand description anywhere. I guess there are some settings that I haven’t figured out, so if someone in here can help me out I would be greatful!!!
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