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  1. HA! thank you both! looking forward to getting started with this beast.
  2. Hi all, just received my Helix LT and in the process of upgrading to the latest firmware, 2.71, my question is should i start from the first updat and work up to 2.71? or does installing 2.71 automatically install all the previous updates before that. thanks for any replies.
  3. yeah thats what i thought i would end up doing, thanks a lot for your help.
  4. Ha no worries, so what can i do now? phones out from helix to input in on my interface?
  5. thanks, yes i understand that but i didnt know i could use two interfaces at the one time, the helix for the guitar, and the apogee for the vocals. is that what you are saying? thanks again.
  6. thankyou for that reply, i feel quite new to this and a bit confused, is that how i would use the helix to record in logic? and would the connection be to the input on my apogee interface from the headphone out on the helix, i'm a bit of a noob here i know. thanks again
  7. Hey everyone, just got the Helix Lt and looking forward to getting to know it, when i play in the house i use headphones, i used logic pro and guiytar rig plug in also with a mic, how would i go about this with the helix? i have a two channel interface so perhaps use a cable from the headphone out and into my two channel interface? i know the helix can also be used as an interface but i need to use a mic so would like to use my two channel apogee. Thanks for any help
  8. Thankyou both for your replies, after doing some thinking then i'm considering going down the route of using mixed MP3's, which would mostly be drums and synth, that would leave me with using Maschine and a guitar, looking at using DI boxes for simplicity, i understand that using software for the whole thing would work but i'm not very skilled at that and think that by using a more simplistic setup then if something goes wrong i should be able to fix it, what do you think? also do any of you happen to know if i would be able to trigger samples in maschine from the Helix board? idreally i would load MP'3 files into maschine, then trigger them to start with my feet! Thanks again for any thoughts.
  9. Hello all, thanks for anyone reading this, I'm looking for advice so i'll get straight to the point. I would like to play live music, which is basically, a guitar, mic, Native instruments Maschine, a macbook, and a multi effects pedal. Im looking at either the Helix LT/floor or Headrush Pedalboard/gigboard. my setup is essentialy using maschine as an instument.playing pads etc, using some kind of software to load backing music, guitar into which ever effects unit i buy and vocals into the interface, the vocals isnt a massive deal if that cant happen as i'm sure i could just use the venue mic system. Where i'm a little stuck is the interface side of things, would i be correct in thinking that the Helix also doubles as an audio interface? i have read that the Helix floor also has a mic input, so lets say i use the Helix floor, as an audio interface is it good enough to handle a guitar, mic, maschine and backing track. Any advice on this i would be grateful as i'm just starting out with this project so i'm hoping that the more i discuss it the more it will come together. Thanks for any help. Gordie.
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