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  1. Thanks Codamedia... hopefully you get my response with some additional clarifications. Appreciate any further advice you can offer..
  2. Much appreciated Bob. I think Ive tried this approach but Ill give it another go.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated! Stereo out from guitar split to piezo and electric. Piezo into L in and L out to PA, electric to Rin and R out to amp. Ive managed to setup Path A for piezo acoustic and Path B for Electric. The split block is of type Split Y. How do I send the Left input to Path A and Right to Path B? is this by assigning L100 to BalanceA and R100 to BalanceB? The Merge Block (Mixer) is set to MainLR for Path B Output. I have A Pan L100 and R Pan R100. Is that what you mean? I think I might have misinterpreted your instructions, because this isnt working quite right. Ive added some photos too... Hopefully you can point out where Im going wrong! Im new to the digital ways :)
  4. Does anyone split a stereo electric and piezo signal in two and run those through the HX effects with separate outputs to amp and PA? I purchased the HX effects with the intention of running two distinct paths. Path 1 for my electric (time based and modulation effects) through the amp effects loop. I use analogue pedals for drive, compression etc. through the front of my amp. Path 2 for my acoustic utilising some EQ, modulation, reverb, delay output to PA. Basically, my electric guitar has piezo, stereo output from guitar to splitter box. Splitter box splits piezo and electric. Piezo goes into HX input 1 and output 1 to PA. Electric guitar signal from splitter box goes into some drive and compression effects into front of my amp. Amp effects loop sent into HX input 2 and output 2 returns to amp. I also have n expression pedal attached to the HX. I have managed to get the expression pedal to pan the stereo signals with acoustic through PA and electric through amp, but despite efforts to create two separate effects paths the signals get washed together. Im hoping someone out there is doing what Im trying to do and can offer some advice, or perhaps am I trying to do something that the HX isnt capable of?
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