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  1. I tried installing the latest update and it didnt take.


    I would be happy to pay your for phone support.

  2. Thank you. I just bought an HelixLT and spent all weekend trying to get it to work. I was attracted to the Placater DIrty demo i had seen but it wasnt on my system. After noodling around for hours i realized that i have Firmware Version 2.3. So i went to the download page and find there have been multiple updates since 2.3. Question: Would i need to start at the bottom of the updates and load all "12" of them up through 2.71? Question: Or should i just be uploading the latest? I tried to upload 2.71 and it looked like it was working, but it did not update the firmware on the LT unit. Question: What are the exact steps to follow to update firmware? Any help would be much appreciated. I am trying... but.....
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