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  1. A preset with your vocal settings as a starting point seems like the only way to go. It´s far from optimal, IMHO. I´m at home working on my presets, no point or desire to be locked up in my tiny rehearsing space for hours... So say I get 10 prests done with vocal paths (using the template as a starting point). Now I´m ready to try it out with the band... It turns out that on "real use" the vocals are buried, too much reverb, or need more compression and high end... You have to change 3 blocks in 10 presets, so that´s a loooong time tweaking to get 1 path that´s basically shared among presets. If this happens at sound check at a venue (hey this space has already loads of natural reverb, need to loose some reverb on vocals), it´s panic time. I own a VoiceLive 3, I´m in the process of switching to Helix for the superior sound, editing capabilities and routing options. I keep finding things that are missing in one or the other. Let me point out a feature in Voicelive3 that handle this specific scenario. Global preset... In every block in a preset there´s an option to revert to a "global setting", that is, the settings of that block in that global preset. So you got a "vocal + guitar" template that you configure as "global preset". Now you´re in preset 200 and Vocal comp is set to "use global", if you change the comp ratio it will change for every instance of a compression block that is set to "use global". Makes sense?. There´s other ways to achieve the same, but basically have the ability to configure a block´s "global settings" that are refernced in other instances.
  2. Yes, I read the manual. Couldn´t find a case that applies to this send/return scenario.
  3. WOW!!! had to read this 3 times :) Very grateful ! This would mean guitar and vocals share output, right?. Or a "multi" out would be smart enough to send vocals w effects to their own xlr output?. They need to be on separate outputs, guitar to cab/amp and vocals to FOH/PA This sounds like a great approach!. But I beleive that, again, this will be just one output...Right?. Could it be an "FX send/return" path (say 2B) where it´s input is set to Return 1 and output to send 2?. Then use that "send 1 / return 1" in guitar, and vocals path... It´s weird to need an actual cable for this... But ounds doable...
  4. Thank u all for answering. After wrinting the post I got hands on and saw that paths 1 and 2 are "there" to begin with, so you can only create "secondary" lanes (1B, 2B) and not paths... I still think you should be able to create a path (1B, 2B) via a command, these things you take for granted once you start using it, but it´s not very intuitive. This being said, the interface and workflow is just fantastic. Now that you´re here... ;) One thing that I beleive can´t be done and I can´t see why. Using a path sort of as an "effects send". For example sharing reverb and delay between Vocals and guitar. If you have 2 paths (be it 1A and 1B or 1A and 2A) with different inputs and outputs... I play a 3 string CGB acting as bass and guitar and sing. I´m moving form Voicelive 3 to Helix and have to rethin my setup. Voicelive 3 is superb but I feel like i needed more flexibility. Guitar FX in Helix are superior (not the case for vocals where Voicelive excels) but I was missing the "bass" part. I use an A/b/Y splitter for guitar and a SubN'Up for the bass (to bass amp). With Helix I can do all 3 in the same unit, guitar, bass and vocals. I can use a snapshot to alter all 3 at once, that´s just amazing. When you´re singing and doing guitar + bass I need to be able to do everything on one "step", Snapshots are killer. My current Helix preset scenario ( i´ll attach a picture): - Path 1A and 1B for guitar (more FX and DSP needed) -input guitar - output 1/4 - Path 2A - Bass - pitch shifted guitar signal (SubN'Up on loop send/return) with its own FX - output aux 3 - Path 2B - Vocals - vocal Fx blocks - output XLR. I wish i could have some "common" FX such as reverb and delay to share between inputs, the way traditional FX sends in DAW or analog consoles do... I could give up line 1B of guitar if i could do that, I just can´t see how to achieve that with splitters or outputs... A common delay and ambience reverb that i could send guitar and vocals to would simplify the diagram and consume less resources. I´d love to hear any advice. I´m impressed by the respone of this community. I beleive i´m gonna be an avid user. Thanks a lot!!!!
  5. Hi, I just received my Helix and I´m loving it. I do have an issue with the paths/DSP conundrum. First off, and this is somehow a "i wish" request... It´d be easier if there was a create "path 1B" or "path 2" command... Even if it was empty, rather than having to create a block in one place to drag it down ... it doesný seem very intuitive. Second, and somehow related to the above... Even after reading various posts about dragging blocks, merge and splits to create new paths... It´s just not clear what´s happening. If i´m on a single path (1A) and i drag don a block, etc. Am I creating path 1B or path 2A?. I beleive it´s 1B... But I want to even out the DSP , i want 2A... How do you "choose" and know if it´s a different path (2) or one that shares DSP (1B). Say I want a simple setup with 1 path for guitar and one for vocal, each with it´s own DSP... What´s different in the way you create 1B from 1A vs 2A from 1A ?. I must be missing something, but i´ve read quite a lot and it´s just not clear. Also, it doesn´t help that there´s no indication of path info (is this 1B or 2A ?) at least for unexpirienced users its somehow confusing. Thanks!
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