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  1. Hey there, its my first thread her so be gental :D Im asking myself: could Line 6 make an future update to unlock switch 1 and 7 to be used in stompbox mode in the Helix LT. I mean in the Helix Floor its done. So they have the firmware for that. The only difference would be to place 2 additional "cubes" at the screen. That would make them a little bit smaller but i wouldnt have a problem with that. (i quickly made a picture that shows what i mean, not the prettiest but its just for demonstation purpose) What do you think about it? Cause i would love to get 2 additional stomp switches. 8 are still not enough for me. But just because of 2 switches buy a helix foor ?! dont like that thought. PLS Line 6 if you read this make it happen and you would make me and lot of others very happy! greetings from germany Jonathan
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