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  1. I already got the reply from line 6. It seems my unit needs repair and they asked me to bring to the distributor in our country (Philippines). I hope everything will be well.
  2. Yes Edwin V, I also did that already and you are right. It just said analog bypass. I sent ticket already last Aug 11,2019, I hope everything will be okay since we have a region praise jam on Aug 24. Thanks
  3. Hi Kilrahi, yup I did that already to re-upload presets. I sent the ticket already last Aug 11,2019 still waiting for response. Thanks
  4. Hi. My HX Stomp suddenly stopped during a gig. All that is passing through is the analog dry signal.Volume knob and tuner does not work. I upgraded firmware to 2.81 from 2.71 but to no avail. There are no sound at all coming from the headphones. Even the volume knob and tuner does not work. I have already installed, reinstalled, downgrade and upgrade versions. Am I missing something here? Does anyone encountered this issue before? Maybe someone knows a quick fix? I am living in the Philippines so I cannot return the unit. Appreciate your response. Thanks
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