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  1. Starting Grand Guignol Diabolique's new CD works in a month! 

  2. I trust you, thank you very much! P.S.:: btw is there a way to have a printed list of all the initial factory presets? I bought my hx stomp three months ago and I had the 2.65 firmware installed... I just wanted to understand if the presets were different with that firmware version.... :-o
  3. So do you mean that I didn't lose any original factory p'resets or there's no way to recover 'em if they were lost? (maybe because of no compatibility?)
  4. After updating the firmware of my HX Stomp to 2.81, only factory presets 001a to 33c are present. Is it correct? Did I lose some valuable preset in the updating process? Excuse me but I've just bought HX Stomp and it had firmware 2.65 on and I didn't check well earlier. Thanks for the help!
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