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  1. I think I figured it out. I previously select the rotor drum effect but I needed to select rotor drum and horn and add some drive to it. Is there a way to refine the speed other than slow and fast? Kyle
  2. Hi, I'm looking for suggestions for the right settings in a Pod Go to get the Leslie sound used in No Matter What by Badfinger. I think a similar sound is used in Badge by Cream as well. I did try out the Leslie effect but it's still not sounding right. Thanks, Kyle
  3. Hello, I've had the Pod Go Wireless for a couple of weeks now and the latency is not an issue. I'm really happy with it so far. YouTube videos have been by far the best way for me to learn how to navigate it. Kyle
  4. Thanks for the replies and details. I'll finally get to power it on tonight so I'll explore the behavior when switching patches. Lot's of new features to learn.
  5. @silverhead thanks for getting back to me. So in general are users staying within a patch and just using snapshots? Is it not recommended to change patches during a song? I'm sure once I get the Pod Go up and running I figure out a lot. I'm just trying to determine if I need to change my methods for going from clean to dirty.
  6. Hello, I've had a Pod XT for around 18 years and switch patches with an FBV shortboard. Yesterday I bought a Pod Go Wireless to modernize my setup. I have not tried out the Pod Go yet but I've noticed lots of talk regarding delays when changing patches and recommendations to staying within a patch and using snapshots to avoid loading new amps etc. I like to have a clean patch and an overdrive or distorted patch and switch between them. On my Pod XT an example would be the clean Eric Johnson patch and and the distorted Eric Johnson patch. The clean is using a fender twin type amp and the distorted on is using a Marshall type amp. I can switch between them with no noticeable latency. Will there be an issue with trying to do something similar with the Pod Go. Surely almost 20 years of tech advancement avoids this issue. I'll try the Pod Go for real in the next day or two but I want to get opinions on whether I'll run into this problem trying to mimic a multi amp setup. Thanks, Kyle
  7. This is way later that the original thread but I just found this and used it to bypass the preamp on my Flextone III so my PodXT can run straight into the effects return. Much better sound! Kyle
  8. Hello, I think I had a big breakthrough today. I saw another thread that mentioned being able to go directly into the effects return on the Flextone by plugging a dummy plug into the amp input. I did that, turned down the channel volume to zero and now I'm able to plug into the Pod XT and go straight into the effects return of the Flextone and bypass the preamp. It sounds a lot better and clearer. Kyle
  9. Hello, I've had a PodXT since 2004. About 10 years ago I bought a Flextone3 to run the Pod into to get stereo effects. It's always sounded dull. I put the Pod into effects loop so it's after the Flextone preamp. I still plug my guitar into the input of the Flextone. My path is into the Flextone, effects loop out to the Pod and stereo back into the effects return. I would rather plug into the Pod and then out of the Pod into return on the amp. The amp won't let me do that for some reason. Now I'm back to thinking about buying some FRFR speakers like the Headrush 108 and skipping the Flextone alltogether. I also recently purchased a Yamaha THT30iii and would like to run the Pod into it. The THR sounds amazing for its size but I miss being able to switch channels like I can on the Pod with my Shortboard. Having said all of that: 1. Is there a better way to run the Pod with the Flextone? 2. Should I just go with FRFR speakers? Thanks, Kyle
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