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  1. HELP!!!...When I followed all the directions from everywhere...I got my hx stomp on 2.8 and I see all the new effects but not on hx edit. new effects are just a blank block. When I try follow the prompts on my mac for hx edit, it keeps saying 2.71 on everything. I know I'm not clicking 2.71 so I'm not seeing what the problem is..... Line 6 downloads page, middle bar hx edit, right bar operating system, hit go, click get now....done it too many times. I don't know whats going on. Everyone just keeps telling me you have to update your hx edit :/
  2. Thanks I’ll see how it goes...it’s for a hx stomp...I’m basically using the hx stomp as an amp and some additional modulations...so I’m obviously limited with what I can do path wise...just want a nice clean tone....and for my external drives
  3. Also do I have to pull the effects block down on the signal chain for a split?...or do I just keep it in a straight line on the view? If you haven’t already noticed I’m new with the helix products. Using the stomp mainly for amps and additional modulations
  4. Thank you guys. It seems like my sound, specifically my drives, were going through too many points of eq and filtering. I’ll definitely get rid of one. Any favorite amps or IRS that work well with external drives?
  5. Where does the IR block go?...right after the amp+cab block.? Also where does the effects loop block go. I run analog drives into the hx stomp. I use the effects loop for externaL modulation. My drives don’t sound to great. I don’t know if my signal chain is messed. I can’t seem to eq my way out of tin can over drives Any help or suggestions would be great
  6. Does the IR block go directly after the amp+cab block. I have external drives > input of hx stomp>amp+cab block. Then I split signal to effects loop. Out of send> external verbs and delays> back to stereo return > IR block> stereo Something isn’t sounding right with my drives...almost like in a tin can...i can’t eq my way out of it...I see all these videos of nice tones but I can’t get it...I can’t get a nice bite on my drives it’s flat and smooth..no attack to my notes Any suggestions on why?...something in my signal path?
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