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  1. Not happy at all. Extreme buyers remorse; should have followed my gut and not bought this thing. Except: when it's working right, I love it! I purchased the Amplifi 150 a little over a month ago and immediately realized that it was a huge pain in the butt without a foot controller. I spent another couple hundred for an FBV3. Had fun with it. The setup sounds great for my amateur, bedroom playing self. Bluetooth was buggy and annoying, but not that big of a deal. As a concept, it's great. If it works, it's actually not a bad value. BUT.... After about 2 months of very light occasional use, it just stopped working a couple of days ago. I turn the amp on, and it goes through its startup routine, and then turns off. Usually, after several quick on/off cycles, it will stay on. The sound it produces is horrible. It is only playing the wet part of the signal. If I go to the tone edit page on the iPhone and turn off all the effects, or do the same thing with the FBV3, effectively running it straight through an amp and cabinet, it does not produce any sound. I just started the remediation process with Sweetwater today, so we'll see where all of this ends up.
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