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  1. Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply! Great to receive good info from experienced Line 6 users:-)
  2. I intend to use a TRS 1/4" > XLR adapter cable for a balanced connection to mixer. Is Pod Go at risk if there's phantom power coming from the mixer? Or is it safer to use a DI box? Thanks in advance for any assistance with this. Cheers:-)
  3. Thank you for your responses! Sorry I didn't word my question very well - as it turned out, I figured out the answer shortly after posting:-) I am a complete newbie to the Line 6 products, so it's been a short sharp learning curve while navigating the editing screens. But it's all sorted now and ready for next week's gig - can't wait to use it live!
  4. Really digging the Pod Go so far - loving the ability to control just about every parameter from the foot switches and pedal. However, it seems that toe switch behaviour is not adjustable. Just wondering if it’s possible (now or hopefully in the future) to invert the toe switch polarity in order to turn a block OFF instead of ON when Volume is activated? It would be ideal to be able to specify this behaviour for each individual block, but even a global setting would be great. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide in regards to this. Cheers!
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