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  1. Nice one .got an 87 usa strat ,and a les paul standard . ilove playing .thanks again for your time.
  2. Thanks jester, haven,t got a recorder yet ,was just trying to work it all out before i started spending money. now looking at the computer audio interface daw world am looking at all the options, bit daunting for me.only just learned how set up an email account.lol but begining to suss out the tech side of things.anyway thanks for your advice and your time its very helpfull to me cheers .
  3. Thanks jester thanks for your time.
  4. Thanks cruisnon..just trying to get my head round this stuff ,not the most computer literate person around. One of the resons for asking about updating from 2.3 is from what ive read lots of people seem to have problems with their new update ,and the 2.3 has lots to keep me busy for a good while... so is there any reason to get an update other than more more amps cabs effects ect . Thanks for your time.
  5. hi ,im newbie to helix floor .two things id like to know. Is there any need to update from .2.3 . Firmware. I hav no internet....also can i record into a multirack studio without using a daw.any info would be great thanks.
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