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  1. gstern1994

    USB/Custom Tone Connectivity

    Hi everyone, I'm about to make a deal with someone on Craigslist for a first gen Spider Valve and a MKII shortboard. I just want to confirm that I can access, load and save Custom Tone presets via the pedal and load them into the amp. Thanks!
  2. gstern1994

    bank switching

    Bank switching needs to be part of the app, seems like a no brainer. If the tuner can be engaged via the app than bank switching should be as well. I would also like to several more User Banks, and be able to set the default bank upon powering up the pedal. As it is now, I need hit the two buttons 25 times to get my UB presets. Not the end of the world, but the app should make these things a breeze.
  3. gstern1994

    Lag on Footswitches

    I've experienced this too. It's less of a problem when not paired, but the defeats the point. Maybe it will be addressed in a future update.
  4. gstern1994

    Amplifi Remote

    Has anyone found a way to assign previously stored presets (my tones or the tones that came preloaded) to the user defined bank? Also, I wish the software would let you jump between banks via the ios device , not from the pedal. Hitting two foot switches at the same tome is a bit awkward. Thanks.