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  1. Esp ec500 emg 81/60. Should I just stick with a good cable because I am totally ok with that.
  2. kind off the subject but i keep getting different answers about active pickups. i have heard its ok, other say it sound awful, or its ok but turn down the gain, and one said to remove the battery. any thoughts on this? also, is the g10t ok to use on active pickups?
  3. Excellent information and thank you.
  4. Does anyone know for sure if active pickups are not good for the spider v amps? Some say yes, some no, other say yes but turn the gain down and someone said take my battery out. I asked the store and they said no problem but would like to hear from an expert. Also is the new wireless system ok as well? Esp ec500
  5. Wow...thank you for the quick response.
  6. I have a spider v 240hc. Looking at a Harley Benton 212 cabinet. Cab specs are 120w @ 8ohn mono and 60w @ 16ohm stereo. Can I safely plug in without damaging my amp? I am almost certain it ok but want to double check. Really don't want a 412 at this time. Also if it does hook up will or how much power/quality will I lose? side question. Is the wireless system ok with active pu?
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