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  1. Excellent! As the original post and several others, including mine, are asking for in this community support forum: Any ideas on how to implement a polytune or Whammy DT-like patch? __________ Perhaps, @cruisinon2 could offer some advice, being an uber guru. Or he could be too busy in his righteous indignation to lower himself to participating in the "COMMUNITY SUPPORT" aspect of this forum. To the rest, take your internet troll BS somewhere else. This is a support forum.
  2. Over 5 years later, any news on detune (drop tune, pitch changes, polyphonic tuner)? Perhaps recent updates have brought this closer? Ideas? Recommendations for use? I realize creating a patch to do this directly competes with the sale and use of the Variax. (A) Not everyone has or wants a Variax. (B) Being able to use this (now standard) "Whammy" feature on any guitar is highly useable by all guitarists. (C) Adding another $400 pedal to a $1600 professional guitar rig that is fully capable of handling polyphonic tuning/de-tuning should be (IS) unnecessary and, I might add, a bit tacky. _______ BTW, it is completely ignorant and a waste of everyone's time to post statements like, "just buy the XYZ pedal" in a forum where the original post is asking about how to get the best use of his Line 6 Helix.
  3. I assume that when you attempt to open the HX Edit app, nothing happens? The first thing to check is that you have no removable media installed. That means (temporarily) remove all cards from card readers, and in some cases, you may have to remove any USB connected drives and other peripherals (e.g. control surfaces, midi keyboard, etc.) Why? It seems that upon launching HXEdit, the application checks the comm ports for an attached Helix device. If the software encounters anything other than the Helix it stops loading. After loading the HX Edit, you can replace all the previously removed hardware. Unfortunately, until this error is fixed we will have to do this each time we run HX Edit. Good luck!blockquote widgetblockquote widgetblockquote widget
  4. This issue needs the attention of tech support. HX Edit will not load when removable media is in the computer. It is a repeatable and constant bug. FIX: If your HX Edit (any version) will not load, remove removable media from PC then relaunch.
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